Ten Questions It’s Worthwhile To Ask About Casino

Ten Questions It's Worthwhile To Ask About Casino

Any casino that does not turn into a Griffin buyer risk losing card counters who get kicked out of casinos that subscribe to Griffin. It isn’t clear that Ben Mezrich ever found out much about Griffin Investigations beyond the truth that they are the best noir of card counters. Ben Mezrich is a novelist, not a journalist, and it exhibits in Bringing Down the House. Largely because of the fascinating story, Bringing Down the Home is an efficient ebook. In Bringing Down the House, the nemesis of the MIT blackjack teams is named Plymouth, which is nearly actually Griffin Investigations. A Google search would have proven that Griffin Investigations is an attention-grabbing company.

The “chief investigator” of Griffin Investigations is Beverly Griffin, who based the company with her husband, Bob. To a novelist, an aspect story about Griffin, a small firm built by the exhausting work of a husband and spouse, might have ruined the character of “Plymouth,” the darkish nemesis that finally compelled Kevin Lewis and the MIT blackjack groups out of the casinos. As soon as Griffin began efficiently figuring out card counting teams, casinos were kind of universally pressured to subscribe to Griffin’s service. Ed responded that he could make much more doing something else with the identical effort, nicer working conditions, and a lot larger class of individuals.

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